I always in watching movie "Titanic" big scene was the sinking and being in the environment of the shark.Northern waters and all of that blood and dead bodies in water.Shark world and it should be redone for the shark perspective of what happened.It ain't safe to swim in deep water like that.And back in history.The massive ship is for shark behaviour.Noise and how do they react to ocean liners?Full of people.There is food on board.Back then people did not believe in sharks.Which type of sharks came in and what ones from the area.That area is an evironment for the deadly sea predator.And from afar away sharks are called from signals and the survivors.What actually happened?What species exist in that area and closest tonnes predator.Cycle.Other predators and what takes over in north Seas like that.Which shark.All of those people in the water and shark scientists theories.Water waving and being swimmed and treaded.People scarely were on objects with scarey stories at night time and during the day.Under the stars.Watch that scene of all people without a ship.Life boat shark

Atlantic Ocean Titanic

stories.Then the larger sharks and this was not one the Great White commanded in but it was there.

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