Freshwater Great Lakes is a wonder what is inside them.They have canals and routes leading from them connected to ocean saltwater manmade and natural.Thousands of routes flowing into the lakes.Their are creatures weighing 1000lbs Alligator Sharks{Sturgeons}Sturgeons are a wonder what they eat and what type of prehistoric shark they are.Alligator shark sturgeon can grow 20ft long which is bigger than present day Great White.Sturgeons are safe and not safe creatures.Do they have serrated teeth.Are they much like Greenland Sharks?They both are

Crocodile shark top and Alligator shark bottom


Alligator shark

Canadian in their behaviour of being non aggressive.The mysteries of sturgeons.How aggressive can Sturgeon's mysteriously live on being?Freshwater sharks are like Great white sharks.Why.Great whites are a [1]Freshwater areaAdded by Queen Armada[2]Alligator sharkAdded by Queen Armadakiller and

Alligator shark"Sturgeon"

cold blooded and can force themselves to breathe freshwater.But every freshwater lake and Great Lakes   are connected to the oceans.Alligator sharks are probable name for the Sturgeon if they want to believe sturgeons are predacious.Well go into the water like divers [3]Great Lakes facilityAdded by Queen Armadaand findout what Canadians found out from air disasters swimming and waiting for help floating in the lake.Nanaboozhoo sturgeon myth.Giant alligator shark.Alligator shark means characteristics of an alligator but made

Great Lakes

it as a shark.Bite is secret snap. [4]Nanaboozhoos Alligator sharkAdded by WikiaBotAlligators are lethal and this creature has been claimed by Florida and Pacific World and Asia.Freshwater Great Lakes and Canadian species compete.1000lb predator Alligator shark sturgeon in the freshwater with alligator like habits in the water.We need alligator experts and in the water hand account to Midland ON about Alligator shark.They all have the build and makings of a predator,weight level,teeth and if they had alligator shark like instincts then it would be a predator.Potential in them to predator.Grows larger than Great Whites.Shallows,bays and growing from Resident Evil Africa and Crocs.Marshes and swamps and shallows easy.Snap and teeth and armor body and tail whip lash weigh level and to eat underwater.They have channels to saltwater natural and manmade.It can breed with sharks.Teeth as a fish are jagged and can cut.Predacious fish .We keep saying space but Alligator sharks,sturgeon could be on earth and be intelligent.But in space they are a viscious predator and their cousin Crocodile shark grows to 17ft and behaves like a
Great Lakes In Search of Canada's Rogue Shark07:07

Great Lakes In Search of Canada's Rogue Shark

croc but is a shark.Gar in space as sturgeon are flesh eaters and are built with set of teeth and predation.Alligator shark can grow to 20ft predator.Swim and have a snapper jaw like alligators in space on alien worlds.Crocodile shark has a long snapper jaw.And its a shark as Alligator Sturgeon shark. than ordinary fish predators,they hunt like Alligators and Crocodiles.Hear for sound and ambush.Shark abilities and behaviour as Tiger Sharks.Infiltration of creeks and shallows everyday Ontarians and visitors,Americans walk through parks and trails and during the day.Creeks in Peel example.Go underground for depth.Make nests in the banks covered by dead long grass.Shuffle of leaves sound.Canadians being expert on alligator sharks. [5]Crocodile shark earth class Sol system North AmericaAdded by Queen ArmadaCompete rivals with other ocean predators,Orca,bigger sharks,sperm whales..etc.Lake Ontario and the St.Lawrence River is connected to Atlantic Ocean.North to the Georgian Bay and Lake Superior are connected by bodies of water and creeks,lakes,streams,rivers millions connected to the ocean and saltwater North of Ontario.Great White from the Mississippi and Missouri rivers are attatched and canals to Great Lakes for the Great white to

Wasaga Beach,underwater extend

breathe.Sturgeons of freshwater lakes get to Florida and to Pacific.Plus in the prehistoric era the Great Lakes northern parts sections were a giant sea attatched to the Arctic Ocean and prehistoric sharks which were like Sand tigers in description but 40 to 50 feet long and 42 metric tonnes were trapped

Wasaga Beach ON,underwater

when land merged and shifted to block off this sea and make the Great Lakes.This shark is very intelligent and sharks eat seals and Arctic has lots of seals.It could hunt for things on the land by making it cloaked under water in shallows creep up.Hunts when the ice is frozen over and taps its nose under prey hitting the ice like a shark.Bang.Bang to stalk.It also can rip open oil tankers,oil spills and this giant shark does not care.Great Whites like toxic water that it changes into a chemical liquid water and it will live in this.It prefers this and camauflages in this chemical liquid that goes bio.Great whites can hunt in shallow water and in creeks but need

Shark in Lake Superior

enough water to float in and body is submerged to satisfy its skin.But during the day it needs to be under to hide from man.That is why Great whites are 2 tonnes in weight to hunt in creeks and streams and lakes and 17ft long.3 to 4ft deep of water.Sharks adjusting to hunt in shallows where the mammal food is,deer and elk and caribou.Great lakes are connected to the rivers of Alberta [6]Daquaqua the Great White Shark GodAdded by Queen Armada[7]SharksAdded by WikiaBotand it keeps going and gets very huge and deep to the Pacific.Underneath caves underneath the land and ground seas and ocean.Lakes and ponds are connected through caves.That is how the pond maintains its water levels by being connected or they would evaporate.All creeks and streams are connected as bodies of water.Bullsharks substitute for baby great whites for baby great whites are animal children and don't hunt like an adult ro a bullshark.Bullsharks dimensions,weight and lengths and how deep water and what water it habitats in territorilly and to make nests like fish do.Great whites would dig a burrow into banks of rivers and creeks.Habitat.Great whites dimensions for hunting in 3ft of water to 4ft and to hit the deep,lakes and bodies of water,Great Lakes deep again from shallow and hunting mammals and fish.Fish at a time that are 10lbs.Great whites like it deep again from hiding and living underground in caves or under the land.Deep water and rules for sharks or Whites and bullsharks and Greenlands.Greenland sharks have an awesome set or razors for teeth like tiger sharks but are meant for slicing through thick armor or whale skin.And being of big size and it does not stay in the Arctic it lives more south in the hot or Great Lakes as a stop or

Greenland Shark

Atlantic Ocean,temperate waters.Greenlands are predacious and are these white shark whale like shark pictures. [8]Great Lakes?HistoricAdded by Queen ArmadaThis picture must be a Greenland or a bullshark.Sharks all support each other and upgrade each other as a family,Greenlands and bullsharks.Greenlands are the sharks equal or version of whales.It is very intelligent but is a hunter and meat and flesh eater.It is a mammal eater.Rule with their dimensions to tell us what sharks with those
KusoCartoon 13720163274108

freshwater facility

dimensions capably eat.The Great Lakes is a stopping place for sharks and a cemetary for prehistoric sharks [9]Freshwater shark?Added by Queen Armada.That is why their behaviour is strange and they are invisible and don't surface and are imaginary to bathers and people that boat and do fishing and water fun on the lakes.Cottage goers and their stories and accounts.And they stay far out where man can't see them and stay deep?They come out in the saltwater to do with their neurons and reaction with saltwater.Freshwater cleans out their bodies.Sharks are the animals of fish.Change to

Zarco Underwater Observation facility

modes.Sharks and fish know of flooding and their body systems keep track of weather and floods.Floods and rise of water to do with season means things to fish and sharks that a stream is passable now for limited time to do with the moon and tides.Go down and they must calculate and for emergencies to stay away from the government be able to go underground to retry later and to survive and swim around.Sharks and adjust to sewers as option as they know of water and to conncct underground to rivers and streams and bodies of water.Canals and shipping and digging to cater to [10]Science facility studying MarinaAdded by Queen Armadaships.Experiments and scientific study areas,water ring.Daquwaqa and descendant to Ontario.Underwater camera fixtures placed in Great Lakes all around Ontario underwater.Then we tv what we see under Ontario Place.
Salmon shark

Salmon shark


Porbeagle shark

Mackerel shark

Mackerel Shark

2009 antarctica lakesmap

bodies of water map Antarctica

Antarctica could be a habitat for sharks.Sharks to conquer freshwater with their gills as trout and salmon have.Lake Huron

In 1975 a large group of creatures were spotted near Kincardine. John Kirk speculates within his book (see below) that “relic seals” may have been responsible for this mass sighting, which was reported on in the London Ontario Free Press of July 12th, 1975.

“Two, long, log-like” creatures were reportedly observed in the Goderich area in 1989.

Georgian Bay

A giant (8ft) seal-like creature was sighted off Wasaga Beach in 1938. There have been many reports of creatures within Georgian Bay over the years, but are usually on a smaller scale size-wise than those reported from other areas.Shark out of predacious fish larger as a fish.It might live in deep habitat and network provide enough water to travel to.Travelling water routes.Underground and rivers and streams deep enough submerge their dorsal fin.3 to 4ft deep and fluctuates getting deeper.Routes natural out ocean.

Lake of the Woods,ON



These sharks are kind of in category of freshwater sharks.They are Maritimes sharks and live in lakes,Alaska and Antarctica full of freshwater melting.Many of freshwater animals,Sturgeons leave the lakes all the way to Florida.Freshwater inhabitants have been leaving in natural canals and manmade canals where the ocean dwellers host the lakes and live in them.Swimming then could be done in freshwater like Great Lakes out in the deep parts lake with floating manmade islands and nets to be like a net to jump on and catch people from the deep.Material.People never invented using deep parts of the lake for swimming.History back to 17th century and natives folklore.Did you know that at least 19 shark species live in the Saint Lawrence estuary and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, either year-round or occasionally? Among them is the Greenland shark, the planet’s second largest carnivorous shark, after the great white. Over the years, the Greenland shark has been observed in the waters near the towns of Paspébiac, Percé and Baie-Comea

St.Lawrence River Dams

u, as well as

St.Lawrence River Dam

in the Saguena

Iriquois River Dam

y Fjord. This massive fish typically spends its life in deep water, where it feeds. However, in 2003, divers found themselves face to face with Greenland sharks at a depth of less than 15 metres! These sharks do not normally attack humans. They even try to avoid us. If you encounter a Greenland shark, let it go on its way, but especially enjoy this rare spectacle that few people have ever seen.

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