It should be further explained in what happens in air disasters and sharks. The Airliner is flying and on all types of trips,long distance over tropical oceans,over the land and over bodies of water.When they try to land on the water and then the rubber tube slide slide down in the raft.Sharks size of 20ft long giants of tonnes weight dorsal fin rubs under the raft.Everyone has had the dorsal fin rub under the raft.Its much too small and the shark could easily flip them into the water or crash on top of the raft to kill everyone and start feeding.Sharks know of airliners sound for feeding.Airports and sharks.Depths of bodies of water.What happens in this terrifying situation of utter danger.People are sawed in half as survivors.People floating in the water as like Ocean liner disasters. Ocean liners the life boats they take into the domain with the shark being of giant size.It can't contain people and would need a roof on top.Floating in feeding grounds of the most giant of sharks.Toppled into the water and taunted by the evil giant.Tip and use it weight on the life rafts and life boats.Need an engine to get out of there and has to be a ship.Sharks and these are horror movies of the deadly sea predator.Emergencies and disaster summon the shark.

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