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    Giant Sturgeon Hunter

    August 11, 2013 by Queen Armada

    Lake Superior

    Traditionally Natives believed that Lake Superior was the home of a gigantic sturgeon that was capable of holding “an entire village in its mouth.” This creature was often blamed for the disappearance of natives whilst on the lake.

    According to a sworn statement made by a North West Company voyageur in front of two judges in Montreal PQ; he and four others saw a “merman” on May 13th 1782 in the vicinity of Pie Island, Thunder Bay. The merman was described as having the upper half of a human body, including head, and appeared to look child-like approx. “seven or eight years of age.” Another voyageur reported a similar encounter in the same locale on a separate occasion. Natives in the area referred to this merman creature as “Ma…

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    Shark Night 2

    June 25, 2013 by Queen Armada

    Shark Night 2 is an American horror film starring Katie Cassidy, Sean Faris, Chace Crawford, Sarah Roemer, Leighton Meester, Megan Fox, Lucas Till, Beau Mirchoff, Dustin Milligan, Julianna Guill, Joshua Leonard, Danielle Panabaker, Sara Paxton, Alexis Bledel, Joshua Leonard, Aimee Teegarden, Audrina Patridge, Zac Efron, Ryan Merriman, Thomas Dekker, Crystal Lowe and Lacey Chabert.

     [hide] *1 Plot

    • 2 Cast
    • 3 Deaths
    • 4 Survivors
      • 4.1 jenny, danny, mark, julia, lucy and chris.

    a group of teens - mark, julia, chris, lucy, amanda, jamie, chelsea, emily, trent, amy, kenny, kevin, brittany , jim and dana are traveling to europe, but their rv breaks down and their stuck hanging out with sara palski and nick laduca from the first film, who are now married. ot…

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  • Queen Armada

    I always in watching movie "Titanic" big scene was the sinking and being in the environment of the shark.Northern waters and all of that blood and dead bodies in water.Shark world and it should be redone for the shark perspective of what happened.It ain't safe to swim in deep water like that.And back in history.The massive ship is for shark behaviour.Noise and how do they react to ocean liners?Full of people.There is food on board.Back then people did not believe in sharks.Which type of sharks came in and what ones from the area.That area is an evironment for the deadly sea predator.And from afar away sharks are called from signals and the survivors.What actually happened?What species exist in that area and closest tonnes predator.Cycle.Ot…

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  • Queen Armada

    It should be further explained in what happens in air disasters and sharks. The Airliner is flying and on all types of trips,long distance over tropical oceans,over the land and over bodies of water.When they try to land on the water and then the rubber tube slide slide down in the raft.Sharks size of 20ft long giants of tonnes weight dorsal fin rubs under the raft.Everyone has had the dorsal fin rub under the raft.Its much too small and the shark could easily flip them into the water or crash on top of the raft to kill everyone and start feeding.Sharks know of airliners sound for feeding.Airports and sharks.Depths of bodies of water.What happens in this terrifying situation of utter …

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    Giant Sharks

    May 29, 2012 by Queen Armada

    Giant size sharks are not just great white.Giant sharks are from the tiger shark,hammerhead,greenland,sand tiger shark,dog shark,carpet shark,alligator shark{sturgeon}crocodile shark{gar} These creatures are more violent than what you think.Pup attacks and they severe and bite.They have rows of teeth and frames as sharks.They hide entire bite that protrudes outward to cover teet exposed.It is in shark species.That means for every shark that it has platelets armor .It has extra weight over the outside.Crocodile Gar used to stalking in brackish dirty muddy water stalk victims and use of tonnes vs prey.Their jaws and mouth become bigger til they reach tonne and they have more bite power compared to the great white.Their bite power is excessiv…

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